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The Road to Victory Military Museum is the proud Charter Partner for the BSA Venture Crew 2804.  The Venture Crew is a youth development program of the Boy Scouts of America in the tri-county area for young men and women who are 13 and have completed the eighth grade, or age 14 through 20 years of age. The Venture Crew is also an integral part of the WW2 4th Armored Division, 8th Tank Battalion reenactment group that the museum hosts. See Contact page for more information on joining.

Venturing's purpose is to provide positive experiences to help young people mature and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults by specializing in a variety of avocations or hobby interests.  Local community organizations establish a Venturing crew by matching their people and program resources to the interests of young people in the community. The result is a program of exciting and meaningful activities that helps youth pursue their special interests, grow, develop leadership skills, and become good citizens.

The Road to Victory Military Museum is now the lead non-profit coordinator for the annual Stuart Air Show, the first weekend of November, featuring a Friday Night Show and weekend shows.   The weekend air show leads off at 10:30am with a weapons demonstration and WW2 battle reenactment, saluting all veterans. 
For more information link over to:
   Stuart Air Show

Preserving American Military History...


   The Road to Victory Military Museum started out in a 1942 Fruehauf tractor / military maintenance repair van and eventually moved into a donated WW2 barracks building that was used by the City of Stuart, FL.

   Our mission is to honor and pay tribute to all the brave men and women who have served and are presently serving our country in the Armed Forces.  Our display of historical artifacts, uniforms, militaria, photographs, and vehicles both historical and personal, pay homage to these heroes while informing and educating the public of their noble endeavors and our freedoms as Americans.

                New US Merchant Marine display has been added, dedicated to 2nd Mate Lt. John Palmer.

                A new Pacific Theater display has been set up next to the Merchant Marine display.
   In many communities across the nation, museums have become trusted caretakers and sources of knowledge, serving the community in its exploration of history and experiences, generating ideas and inspiration. Our veterans were witness to history and they also made history. A museum provides permanent record and common ground for the community to learn that history. Martin County and the City of Stuart are rich in their own WWII history and now even more so with a museum and collection in the heart of the city.

Road to Victory Military Museum

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